Pajama Day Yarn Along.

pj day
It is School Holidays or term break here and I have declared a Pajama Day!  The rules of this special day follow
1. Day before clean entire house, change linen and everyone under the roof, man woman, child or beast pronounce themselves “squeaky clean””
House Mouse Squeaky Clean2. Sleep in until you are ready to wake up.
3. When you get up have a shower and put clean smart PJs on.
4. Do exactly what you want to for the rest of the day.
I only cooked and did minimum chores. The rest of the time I joined Ginny’s Yarn Along. I read The Aspen Papers by Henry James and worked on my jet Zhivago Wrap short version. My son played video games and read Manga graphic novel books. Ah bliss!
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I wish there were pj days twice a week rather than twice a year.
Do YOU ever have a PJ day. Do you have rules?

Yarn Along give away.

gentlestitches giveaway!

Question.What was Mr George Elliot’s secret? I will put all the correct answers into an Amigurumi hat and pull one out. The lucky answer will win this double heart just in time to celebrate International Women’s Day. I am Yarning Along with Ginny from Small Things,  reading (or rather listening to) “The Mill on the Floss” by George Elliot and crocheting this rug. I have finished the squares and am now sewing it all together
giftcrochet rug ready to sew

Yarn Along Bunny

Book and Bunny
Joining in the Yarn Along with Ginny from Small Things this week is the fab Easter book with Arne and Carlos. This book has lots of lovely Easter Inspirational Knitting and it prompted me to crochet this charming Bunny I call Mim. Eventually  when I get my pattern page together I will post the pattern for it. Meanwhile enjoy the pics and don’t forget to join the other Yarn Alongs as well. Perhaps you would like to join in next weeks Yarn Along your self? I would love to see what you have been reading and making.

Yarn Along Veggie style.

It is time to Yarn Along with Ginny from Small Things.

Yarn Along

This week I have been studying Vegetarian recipes. I am rather fond of vegetables but I have to admit I was looking at the pictures rather than reading the recipes.  I wanted inspiration to make an Amigurumi Pumpkin and Voila! Here he is. I know it is a long way from Halloween but quake in fear of my scary pumpkin.  The young people in my life said it wasn’t a bit scary! Of course it is! What do you think? Don’t forget to check the other Yarn Along posts.

Yarn Along with the Owl and the Pussycat.

The Owl and the PussycatJoining Ginny and friends for Yarn Along is my diorama of The Owl and The Pussycat. No it isn’t a “setup” just for the post, I really was making this and reading that.  It is being made for a friend of mine for reasons I am not allowed to go into. Let me say it is a celebratory gift. Congratulations Debra!

Both critters are my own designs. The Owl being inspired by a broach I purchased from WinterOwls and is knitted with buttons added to help it see. The Pussycat is an amigurumi critter who is mainly crochet and looks a bit like she is thinking “are we there yet?”  According to the poem ” they sailed away for a year and a day”  My goodness! Together in a small boat for 366 days!! I guess they would have ironed all their issues out in that time and no doubt their marriage, which was performed  by a Turkey on a hill, would have been “smooth sailing”.  Pussycat’s eyes were inspired by my favorite cat Mr Bowie and I know the cat is a girl because I reread the poem to make sure. I have ATTD which is “attention to tiny detail” so you can be sure there will be both money and honey when I finish and present the diorama to my friend. A footnote: my son made the “beautiful pea green boat” because he loves Debra almost as much as me.

I am having a lot of fun with these Wednesday posts and don’t forget to check out the other links that accompany this. Click on the Yarn Along logo on my side bar and you can join in any Wednesday your self  if you like.  Don’t forget to let me know if you do. Keep on creating!

Yarn Along Wednesday

It is Yarn Along Wednesday and time to link in with Ginny at Small Things and post something about reading and making.

reading and knitting

I have returned from my holiday with my son and our  friends from BarwonHeads.  I took a stack of library books for the children and myself and some DPN needles and finally mastered “turning a heel” with the help of this excellent book. ” Sock Yarn. One-Skein Wonders” Edited by Judith Durant from the library.I was inspired to try knitting socks again by Ginny’s post  a few weeks ago and I apologise for my post looking a bit “copy cat”but as Charles Caleb Colton made famous “imitation is the greatest form of flattery” and I am so pleased to have finally mastered heel turning. I am not satisfied though as is the human condition, I now desperately want to master the art of picking up short row loops without leaving a gap. Seriously! 🙂