Amigurumi Lambs at last.

crochet amigurumi lambs by gentlestitches
I am feeling very grateful today. After a barrage of unpleasant tests, I have been found to have had no more than pulled muscles in my upper body. The treatment is rest and to lay off the heavy lifting or intense exercise and it will resolve itself. I plan to stick to walking and bike riding for exercise and leave the other type for the more athletic. The relief that it was nothing sinister makes me want to do cartwheels. Except, of course, cartwheels are definitely out. My son has just mastered the “aerial cartwheel” which is a cartwheel without using hands. I am proud of him.
This post is not just about cartwheels. Following on from my Dearie Ewe, Lamb story I am happy to offer this FREE amigurumi lamb pattern. It is a great pattern because the math translates into ANY size yarn so you can make a teeny, tiny or super, huge lamb for yourself, young people in your life or as a critter toy.
Use a size smaller hook than normally recommended for your yarn and the pattern will translate perfectly. I can say that with confidence because I tried out many types of yarn with excellent results.
Many of the amigurumi I make are gifts and I am very particular about the eyes and noses I use. If using safety eyes and noses, I only use Suncatcher Craft eyes. This isn’t just because all the eyes are fabulous and cost effective it is also about safety. Suncatcher Craft eyes are made locally ( by Michelle) and are non-toxic and CPSIA compliant.
I am grateful to report I am still here, still writing and still making things.
Tell me, what are you grateful for today? 


mobile mending

The good people at and in particular Timetheif have been helping me make my wee blog more mobile friendly. In the spirit of fixing things I bring you two items that have recently undergone repair. I hope this loads well on all devices so I can spend my time making things and not digital wrangling. Is that a thing? 

gentlestitches repair of Elmo Beanie
Lily the dog had fun with this

Elmo the hat gets to live another day!

gentlestitches repaired toy
another canine catastrophe!

My friend’s treasured painter doll gets another go. 

Coming soon “The Spinning Pages”plus lots more amigurumi and a special treat from Squirrel Picnic.  I leave you with a special flower to admire from my courtyard. The Brazilian flamingo flower. All the way from Brazil and happily growing in an Aussie back yard. What blooms have caught your attention lately?Brazilian Flamingo flower

Learn to Knit a Pussy Cat!

Due to the success of the last knit Out Learn to Knit program, creating a welcome and gentlestitches invite you to another free Knit Out this Saturday.  If you can’t make it and you are on facebook, please show your support by giving the creating a welcome site a like or thumbs up.  We will be making cats from squares and also nests with eggs. Not afraid to tackle the big issues let me say it is possible to keep domestic animals whilst protecting the environment.  Just ask fozziemum who has recently installed a cat enclosure which she calls “kitty day spa” and my Uncle and Aunt from Gympie who have a most ingenious and comfortable large cattery under their beautiful high set Queenslander.  click here for economical tips on keeping your cat safe and social.
flyer for 2nd knit out for creating a welcome.

knit out shout out.

knitting for justice sign





The knit out learn to knit day was a HUGE success. In spite of the fact that the weather was perhaps a little too kind and it was moved from center stage to corner bike stand to escape the direct sunlight.  There were approximately 20 people who stopped by. For more information check out the creating a welcome Facebook page.yarn and bunnies ready for the market






 There were many bunnies made for the next market in December, lessons learnt, information shared and hopefully a whole new generation of lovely young men and women will be carrying the skills onward. knitting students








Happy Knitting!


Wild on Wednesday brought forward to Monday..

Spring in Victoria Australia. Come and look at my friend and neighbor fozziemum’s place! 


Hi guys..i was unable to do a Wild on Wednesday last busy getting things done outside..this week with some ups and downs with Pickles I am doing an early Wild feature…I think we have had so many sad animal stories the last week or so that an early smile and maybe even a squee is called for…
Now I am thrilled with these pictures..they were hard to get..but I was honoured that Mum felt safe enough around me to allow her little babe out of the pouch..this small group has been very close to the house and the day I took them I was actually taking bird pics..when I turned to follow a bird’s flight path I saw below the embankment this family..

Mum was having a snooze…

Mum was fast asleep Mum was fast asleep

Until she spotted me..

A sweet spot to rest up with the family A sweet spot to rest up with the family

Of course you may…

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The Masterpiece Displayed

What we can achieve when we work together! A blanket made by people from all over the world reflecting the core principles of permaculture. If you are new to permaculture or even if you are not, take a peek at the wonderful work of Jan Martin from The Snail of Happiness.  Also take a look at her folksy shop. Perhaps your square is here too? My contribution was the positive  and responsible human driven co existence of domestic animals on our fragile flora and fauna. Enjoy!



The Snail of Happiness

So, Saturday was the day when the masterpiece blanket finally got to be a very public manifestation of my Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design. All those squares from across Britain and all over the world were on show at Gilwell Park in Epping Forest, London as I gave my final presentation before receiving my diploma at the UK Permaculture Convergence. Whilst other people choose to use Powerpoint or Prezi on a computer, or have a slide show, I decided to be low tech, but high impact and take my blanket. The main question was how to display it.

When I discovered that I was to give my talk in a marquee, I knew that my initial idea would work, namely to hang it from a washing line so it was easy for everyone to see. The joy of a marquee is that there are lots of struts to fasten your washing…

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The Sweetest thing

To launch my anipal mini me page I am re blogging fozziemums lovely blog of rural Australia where you can see a variety of animals both domestic and wild. There are even Kangaroos including a Mum and her Joey strolling through from time to time.  Also if you would like to know more about the beautiful card and other items like it click here. They were made by my friend goldfish.


I went to the mailbox today and when I saw the little package I got so excited….yes I am a three year old and get very excited by suprises 🙂

When I opened the box….I found the sweetest thing…..I have been sent by the very clever and very sweet Sharon from gentlestitches the most adorable mini me of our much missed Panther boy Simba.Sharon does these wonderful little animals in the style of  Amigurumi which is Japanese crochet of small animals ..she calls her animals Aussiegurumi of course!!

Please pop over and have a look at the wonderful work she has done making these beautiful little creatures!

All I can say is a huge THANKYOU..indeed you did capture Simba beautifully..right down to his stumpy tail 🙂 and his little Rainbow Bridge cushion is such a lovely touch!

Hubby is interstate with work and when I sent him the picture he…

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