amigurumi Unicorn

A friend of mine at Evil Squirrel’s Nest recently won this sparkle pony as a prize.  sparkle pony

Funny thing is, around the same time he was given this Rainbow Unicorn.rainbow-donkey


Pattern for this beautiful critter can be found here
It is the end of the year and I have literally mountains of work to do  plus gifts to make for friends and family  and instead I started to wonder what would happen if these two critters became “close personal friends.”tiny little crochet unicorn

Hello world!  I believe the offspring would look like this. Then I decided (because making this was so much fun) that a little brother or sister would be in order so…..front view of tiny crochet unicorns
  Twice the cute!
back view of tiny crochet unicornstiny crochet twin unicorns
 obviously they need to be together so look out for a package Bill!

Crochet a Koala with This Pattern from Down Under

so pleased to see this lovely little Koala “in the yarn” made by Jennifer from SQUIRREL PICNIC. Always a pleasure to see a design made up.

Squirrel Picnic

KoalaOn the cute scale, I think koalas rank about a 9 – right up there with pandas and piglets. They’re definitely one of the cutest animals in the outback. My friend Sharon knows koala cuteness. In Melbourne, Sharon teaches classes in fiber arts and runs the blog gentlestitches, which features patterns for her aussiegurumi, the name she’s given her adorable crocheted creations.

I made this koala using her pattern. The goatee was my own addition. I’ve always thought that koalas look like they have goatees.

You can make a koala, too, with her free pattern.

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amigurumi crochet basket

tiny basket

This lovely little 1/2 inch high, picnic basket is full of apples and topped with a banana. The ant was made by my son when he was small. This pattern is special to me because I have made many baskets in the past but this is the first one with a woven look. The woven effect is cleverly achieved by crocheting into the back loops only.  The pattern comes from here over at Squirell Picnic. If you like amigurumi, you will love this site. Be sure to check out the “fatamals” and of course “Hodge and Podge