Tall n fast flower pillow, week three.

Sherbet the crocheted squirrel and week 3 of the squirrel picnic CAL.It is week three of the Squirrel Picnic CAL and this week Sherbet, a cousin of Podge helps me with my progress. If you would like to make your own Squirrely friend, you will find the pattern in the book The Big Acorn Race. Sherbet has her basket with her which is full of crocheted fruit and flowers. A FREE pattern for the basket is here. This week we added a 3D petal row and I am looking forward to seeing my fellow CAL’s progress.  People have chosen a variety of colors and yarns so no two pillows are the same. It isn’t too late either. If you want to join in , contact me on my contact page or click the cushion on my side bar. I will be available to talk you through each part of the project.  Have a great Weekend and join me on Tuesday for the “wags and waves for Forrest”day.Pam and Sammy's Forrest badge.

Tall n Fast Flower Plillow week 2.

Jennifer from Squirrel Picnic is  hosting the CAL (crochet along). If you would like to join in (IT IS FREE) please contact me or click on the cushion on the sidebar. It isn’t too late. I would love for you to join us and I am available to answer any questions or help if you get stuck. This is my contribution to our week 2 project, pictured with helper Miss Beautiful Red Squirrel, a review of last weeks spirals by some of the Squirrel Picnic Facebook CAL group and two dogs helping me find my yarn. I asked my son what he thought the caption with the dogs should be and he laughed and said “it doesn’t need one!” Bigafy  the dogs for a smile. 🙂

Tall and Fast Flower Cushion update

Meap is short for My Engineer Assistant Prototype  and is a PA designed by Jennifer from Squirrel Picnic. Jennifer is also hosting the CAL. (crochet along) If you would like to join in (IT IS FREE) please contact me, or click the cushion on the side bar. We would really like for you to join us and I am available to answer any questions or help if you get stuck.Squirrel Picnic CAL Tall and Fast Flower Cushion Meap is  helping me at the moment by holding the hook, and this is the first bit of the CAL. This is the spiral, the first 9 rows and was huge fun to make. Stay tuned for another update next week. 
also MEAP pattern FREE here!
In other news I have booked a short holiday for my friend and our teens to Uluru for later on in the year.
I have visited Uluru but they haven’t. This time there are Camels involved which will be a first for me. How hard could riding a Camel be? (gulp) 

The Big Acorn Race has arrived!

Hodge and Podge in Times Square.
Hodge and Podge are very excited to announce their very own book with help from Jennifer Olivarez of Squirrel Picnic.com is available through amazon. Hooray!
The Big Acorn Race by Jennifer Olivarez.
Click on the book or the side bar to go to Amazon for a look. Enjoy!

Almost Book Launch

A most anticipated book is about to become available and I am very excited about it. Included in the book are wonderful, easy and quick to finish crochet patterns. In fact everything in the book was crocheted and I had the big pleasure of being a pattern tester for the book.  My son demonstrates the Clutch Bag which I road tested and he had a bit of fun being  punny , using it as another type of clutch. He was a big help and learnt a lot about publishing and editing.   This book is big fun from beginning to end and is called The Big Acorn Race by Jennifer Olivarez.

Pattern testing for The Big Acorn race.
The Clutch Bag.

 CONGRATULATIONS Jennifer, Hodge, Podge and Eric over at Squirrel Picnic and best wishes for lots of success with the book!  It isn’t available YET but fingers crossed it will be in the next day or two.