Amigurumi Lambs at last.

crochet amigurumi lambs by gentlestitches
I am feeling very grateful today. After a barrage of unpleasant tests, I have been found to have had no more than pulled muscles in my upper body. The treatment is rest and to lay off the heavy lifting or intense exercise and it will resolve itself. I plan to stick to walking and bike riding for exercise and leave the other type for the more athletic. The relief that it was nothing sinister makes me want to do cartwheels. Except, of course, cartwheels are definitely out. My son has just mastered the “aerial cartwheel” which is a cartwheel without using hands. I am proud of him.
This post is not just about cartwheels. Following on from my Dearie Ewe, Lamb story I am happy to offer this FREE amigurumi lamb pattern. It is a great pattern because the math translates into ANY size yarn so you can make a teeny, tiny or super, huge lamb for yourself, young people in your life or as a critter toy.
Use a size smaller hook than normally recommended for your yarn and the pattern will translate perfectly. I can say that with confidence because I tried out many types of yarn with excellent results.
Many of the amigurumi I make are gifts and I am very particular about the eyes and noses I use. If using safety eyes and noses, I only use Suncatcher Craft eyes. This isn’t just because all the eyes are fabulous and cost effective it is also about safety. Suncatcher Craft eyes are made locally ( by Michelle) and are non-toxic and CPSIA compliant.
I am grateful to report I am still here, still writing and still making things.
Tell me, what are you grateful for today? 


a little help from my friend Bashful.

Pet Rock Bashful helping with sewing.
Some of you might find it hard to believe but I have had a pet rock from Georgia, America helping me these last few days! I have had a lot of work on for Creating a Welcome and my anipal mini me page. This little rock has had many adventures all over the world and you can read about them here. He belongs to a little piggie called Bacon. 

Bashful In his traveling box.
Bashful arrived a few days after his birthday in a box filled with human and anipal treats. Bashful didn’t mind having his birthday in transit with aussiepost and has made up for it by having many treats and games here.

Jack, Tricky and Bashful enjoy a game of "squirrel"
It isn’t all work here at gentlestitches, here Jack, Tricky and Bashful play tug o war with the new squirrel toy Bashful gave them.  Jack and Bashful take the squirrel and play keeping’s off from Tricky but tricky has a plan…….

Jack and Bashful play keeping off from Tricky

it has been a long day and this has been a long post but the fun with Bashful has really just began. He is going to a sleepover party with a group of teenagers tomorrow night. I can only hope they behave themselves. Bashful is tired now and I have owls to sew so shhhhh!!!! Good night Bashful.  Tomorrow we will start having a look around this amazing place called Westgarth, Northcote, Melbourne, Australia!!! The fun is just beginning.

Jack and bashful go to sleep

pattern of the season.

crochet amigurumi crochet mice with beginning of knitted hat.

Every now and then a very special  amigurumi pattern comes along! I give you Jenette from Green Dragonfly’s, SQUEAKERS! Tiny Crochet Mouse Tutorial! As an amigurumi designer  myself, I can appreciate the excellent qualities of this pattern.  I could not resist immediately whipping up a few of these mice designed by Jenette. The pattern is fabulous and guess what? Hardly any sewing!  I have a few children I will be making them for and they also make great Christmas decorations. tiny crochet mice in Christmas hat.The pattern for the mouse hat can be found here, and is also from Green Dragonfly but I used a modified version of Anna Branford’s “How to knit a tiny gnome hat.”  I will post the little Christmas hat pattern eventually, but meanwhile enjoy the mousies.crochet amigurumi crochet mice with beginning of knitted hat.
They are brilliant, quick and easy and did I mention hardly any sewing?I predict this pattern will be as big as Janette’s  “ nibble nibble hop hop pattern which came out at Easter time and is such a lovely bunny pattern.
back view of tiny crochet mouse with small knitting needles.
Back view of tiny mouse crochet with DK yarn and a 3.5 mm crochet hook. The other mouse was a very fine sock yarn and 2.5mm hook. The great thing about this pattern is that it is versatile and works out regardless of yarn and hook size.

What can you make with a….polka dot sunfrock?

This post is inspired by my blogging friend Katherine who has a “what can you make with a?” series in her blog PILLOWS A-LA-MODE. Katherine takes a piece of fabric or a item of clothing and turns it into something else. When I first started following this series I thought the articles made interesting reading but I soon realized there was more to it than that. It is about rethinking, using imagination and upcycling at it’s finest. I have been taking Katherine’s lead for some time now and my other post using her idea is here.

This lovely piece of red and white polka dot was once a sunfrock.

items made with recycled polka dot sunfrock

Crochet detail of phone cover and dog Tricky

Now it is a smarty pants mobile phone holder with a waist band suitable for listening to downloadable audio library books while one does chores or walking. Note the cotton crochet ruffle around the top for extra decoration. It has also become several bookmarks, one is in the photo and because we are talking about Katherine, a small doll’s pillow.   but wait, there’s more!

sock monkeys

sock monkey Ella


Ella the sock monkey’s lovely frock, also came from this material.      

The young people and I have been promising ourselves we will make a baby sock monkey. I have kept aside a tiny piece of this material in case it is a girl and needs a polka dot sunfrock!

gentlestitches in Singapore.

My friend just returned from  Singapore for a short holiday. This was pretty exciting considering it was the first time she had left her three teen and almost teen children and the first time she had been out of Australia.  I wanted to give her something to take with her that would be practical, beautiful and remind her of home. I had purchased a beautiful jacket from a thrift shop which when I got home, was in terrible disrepair and had been eaten up by moths. Immediately I thought of the what can you make with? series by PILLOWS A LA MODE I never would have thought of it until I saw the what can you make with series so I decided to make my friend a wrist or ankle purse out of the jacket. Don’t you love the internet for idea sharing?

Jacketpinning and cutting.

very careful ironing.wrist purse the finished product on wrist.pancakesposing with Singapore currency and something only available at home, (home cooking) by my friends lovely, eldest and fabulous cook, daughter!

and that’s how gentlestitches ended up in Singapore! Thank Katherine! and PILLOWS A LA MODE!