Story Time.

I have written and made up stories and read stories  since I can remember. I have never read one out loud before so when Bacon suggested we do just that. I thought “what a fun idea” and “why not?” Well,this marks my foray into video taking. It was so much fun and I have a lot to learn but thank you Bacon for giving me the gentle push to get it happening. Without further ado, I give you “Dearie Ewe of Tall Trees farm” I will also link the other stories as they come in. Make yourself a drink, take a break for approximately 3 minutes and get ready for a smile of a time. 😀

Old wool room gets new life.

Joining Bacon’s Show and Tell this week with the topic of something  old about the house, I bring you the up cycled, repurposed Wool Room.
There has been a shift in our cottage as can happen as a boy grows.
My wool room is now a writing room with a very old writing desk and chair.  It fits perfectly in this small space.  Correspondence from me begins here.
gentlestitches writing room with Jacobean writing desk
Next we have the boys old study which has become my new studifice. A word I first heard from Fozzie.M who used it to explain her studio/office. Nice to have a studifice of one’s own.
gentlestitches studifices with spinning wheel
Nice to look out on a courtyard garden too. 
gentlestitches courtyard garden with hanging lanterns
The lanterns are solar powered and this area is small but inspiring  any time of the year. 
So that is me but what of the boy when he isn’t literally hanging out in his bedroom/study gymnasium? 
Well meeting the first lady of course!
gentlestitches son and Uhura, Nichelle Nichols.
First Lady of Sci Fi that is. Shane and Uhura (Nichelle Nichols) Supernova Melbourne 2015.
May you “Live long and prosper”. 



Meet George!

I received a delicious treat in the mail today from my one and only very special “pignew” Bacon. I have a lot of history with this wee porker. He served as a model for my first published amigurumi pattern and he must have been good luck for me because my patterns on continue to do well.  If you would like to amigurumi your very own Bacon the pet pig (come on admit it you want to) click here for the FREE pattern.  sock monkey gift from Bacon from pig love

So my special surprise was a sock monkey from Georgia USA! I have made and helped make sock monkeys but never had one of my own UNTIL TODAY! Isn’t he lovely? I have named him George and he is placed up high away from children and anipals.  I love him! Thanks Bacon! and all at the Hotel Thompson.