The Christmas Comic Sulphur Edition

I have been a big fan of the printed word since my older brother bought a book home from our local primary school. My wonderful Uncle Geoff introduced me to comics not long after and my primary school teacher completed my initiation by reading Shakespeare out loud in class. It wasn’t long before I was having lengthy and exciting conversations with my local librarians and I suppose looking back, I had a lot in common with Matilda although not a genius but undeniably bright and with an inextinguishable  passion for life.
 Today I present to you Sulphur. A one of a kind piece of artwork by Evil Squirrel.He is having this fun giveaway for the first lucky 20 entrants. Thank you ES, I love my Sulphur and it will hang in my recently renovated studio and I will enjoy it every day! Photos will follow when completed.
comic collection featuring ES creation Sulphur

Comics dating back to oldest (1947) to present day Deadpool Japan 2014. Also Tango a homegrown comic from Cardigan Comics and one of my faves, Hamlet by Nicki Greenwood. Now it is back to meeting my self imposed Christmas deadline amigurumis but please check back for a very special New Years Eve invitation in two days time. Meanwhile Enjoy a close up of Sulphur!
Comic character of Evil Squirrel, Sulphur

See you Saturday!

The Christmas market is on this coming Saturday. I rather thought I would post about it earlier but we have all been busy here with turning the boy’s room into a gymnasium, the study into a yarn room and creating an extra special place for two extra special dogs.creating a welcome at Chalice flyer for Saturday Jack is very pleased with his new space even if he is actually on the bed intended for Tricky.
Jack the Jack Russell on his new bed.
Tricky however loathes change and refuses to even come look at it. Instead she hides behind the Christmas tree and won’t come away from it. Come on Tricky, it is very comfortable. I plan to do a lot of writing and making things in this new improved space.  The clutter that comes from renovating puts a crimp in my creativity.  
Tricky the poodle behind the Christmas tree.




Does clutter annoy you or do you switch off from it?

Free Halloween Crochet Patterns from gentlestitches

gentlestitches Halloween Picnic

Join me today at the Gothic “not for profit” Montsalvat. Have a look around, join me in a picnic and a quiet read. Help yourself to a free amigurumi pattern and enjoy the visual and peaceful treat which is Monsalvat before you go. Take some deep breaths under the gum trees and enjoy the art and hand crafted items on display. Take 5 minutes of delicious “you time” ❤
amigurumi crochet spiders and candy skull
First up our the famous Australian red backed spiders.
crochet melbourne fruit bat
Beware of flying Bats (not this one though, it is friendly and cuddly) 😀
crochet zombie bunnies on spiral staircase














Grab yourself a free zombie bunny pattern before they grab you.
crochet large and small sugar skull masks
Just in time for día de los muertos, a large or small sugar skull from Jennifer at squirrel picnic. Pattern here.

shane playing music for us to leave by

Happy Halloween everyone! Enjoy the music as Shane pipes you out.

Creating a Welcome Market.

craftivists support asylum seekers.
 It was a brilliant day for our market on the 16th August 2014. We raised four thousand dollars and every cent went to asrc. For more details visit Creating a Welcome face book page. 
High Street Market
 A rather serious looking Aunt Sharon discusses sheep and Alpaca yarn with a customer. Both these yarns were kindly donated as were all the goods available.Northcote High Street
 A highlight of the day was an appearance by Melbourne’s own Charm of Finches who performed with a buskers hat and all proceeds were donated to the cause. Thank you.
Northcote market wares.
Melbourne and surrounding textile artists, and other kind people donated the most wonderful  assortment of products for us to sell. This is just a very small sample.
lovely Northcote babies

The knitted and crocheted hats were very popular as shown by our very lovely babies. Yes, four thousand dollars was raised which is a lot of welcoming Owls and ants.  Stay tuned for our upcoming events and nurture hope in your heart that peace and sanity can be achieved for all.  ❤


bloggie paws.

Jack and Tricky share tea and sconesThings are exciting here at gentlestitches today and I guess a little sad as well.  I have had some wonderful opportunities to sell my aussiegurumis (which means I have to get busy and make more) and also an opportunity to pursue publishing of my patterns and”how to series” outside  This has all further inspired me.  Jack and Tricky the dogs join me in taking a well earned tea and scone break and although we won’t have much of  an online presence any more, we will still be keeping up with everybody and will be able to be found on 

love from Auntie Sharon from