New Beginnings

This is my final post. I want to thank everyone over the years who has read, liked, commented and connected with me here. It has been great. I would love to keep blogging but with the writing and making that I am doing, it is no longer possible. I was involved in a market in Footscray a few weeks ago and found no time to promote it. gentlestitches will continue to be about and you can find my designs on and “coming soon to a pop up near you” I leave with some recent photos of my work and if you scroll to the bottom, some sound advice.Shane and Sharon on new bikes.
A bright, happy, squinty kind of day. I can still keep up with my lad, providing he pedals REALLY SLOWLY!Lucky Cats at Market
Amigurumi Lucky Cats. Ready for sale.spinning wheel with chair.
LOTS of spinning being done but I am yet to master “Straw into Gold!”Jack and Tricky preparing for their walk.
Jack and Tricky still enjoy a walk (but feel the cold a bit)old fashioned embroidery
Linen restoration has had me back at school for machine sewing!Safety first!
In closing let me say “thank you!” and whatever you do and where ever life takes you, remember,

Meet George!

I received a delicious treat in the mail today from my one and only very special “pignew” Bacon. I have a lot of history with this wee porker. He served as a model for my first published amigurumi pattern and he must have been good luck for me because my patterns on continue to do well.  If you would like to amigurumi your very own Bacon the pet pig (come on admit it you want to) click here for the FREE pattern.  sock monkey gift from Bacon from pig love

So my special surprise was a sock monkey from Georgia USA! I have made and helped make sock monkeys but never had one of my own UNTIL TODAY! Isn’t he lovely? I have named him George and he is placed up high away from children and anipals.  I love him! Thanks Bacon! and all at the Hotel Thompson.

amigurumi cupcake and labels


September through to December sees me making things to (hopefully) sell at markets, stalls and fetes. It is also a time for me to make gifts for the special people in my life. 

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThis year will be the year of the cupcake for me with many of my designs centered around this treat. Pictured above is a little cupcake I am working on.   I am not happy with the pattern yet so it is back to the drawing board. I will post the pattern  soon.