three items,itemized.

amigurumi golden lamb

Item one. My “Golden Lambkin” another amigurumi lamb which will be part of my story on the 15th June poses beside a ball of yarn destined to become “Lawrence the Ramcrochet rope stitch with eyelash yarn” (who will also be in the story) and the lamb pattern will follow.

Item two. A close up of a new stitch I learned from Karin from amilovesgurumi who used this stitch to make these dog beds for the amigurumi dogs. Click on the link to be transported to “The crazy universe behind the horizon”

Item 3. My dogs Jack and Tricky went to a party and went totally wild! Read about it here. Thanks Easy and Easy’s staff and thanks too for fozziemum and Dad for manning the bar and serving up “the rough end of the pineapple!” How come my critters get to go to more exciting parties than I do?Easy's party partall.
If there is weekend left where ever you are enjoy! and if not there is another coming soon.




4 very helpful dogs.

Lily has a new pup called Poppy.

Lily and Poppy at their forever home

What better way to introduce her than in a pair of gloves made by my friend Pauline?
Lily and Poppy at their forever home

Lilly and Poppy help with the laundry
Poppy loves her forever home with her Mother and peeps. Here she helps with the laundry
Jack the dog shows off a complete fleece at gentlestitches house
Jack shows off a fleece that is being prepared for spinning

                        whole fleece which belonged to Oscar and his Mum Bev.

skirted and clean gentlestitches fleece

Skirted, cleaned and ready for carding.

skien of gentlestitches Baa Baa Bev's wool and gloves by Pauline.









A skein, fresh off the Niddy Noddy. More about that next time.

Merlin adds his quality control










Merlin takes a break from helping his peeps move house to provide me with quality control and feedback.  Merlin barks ” YES!

Hooray for helpful critters! ❤

Old wool room gets new life.

Joining Bacon’s Show and Tell this week with the topic of something  old about the house, I bring you the up cycled, repurposed Wool Room.
There has been a shift in our cottage as can happen as a boy grows.
My wool room is now a writing room with a very old writing desk and chair.  It fits perfectly in this small space.  Correspondence from me begins here.
gentlestitches writing room with Jacobean writing desk
Next we have the boys old study which has become my new studifice. A word I first heard from Fozzie.M who used it to explain her studio/office. Nice to have a studifice of one’s own.
gentlestitches studifices with spinning wheel
Nice to look out on a courtyard garden too. 
gentlestitches courtyard garden with hanging lanterns
The lanterns are solar powered and this area is small but inspiring  any time of the year. 
So that is me but what of the boy when he isn’t literally hanging out in his bedroom/study gymnasium? 
Well meeting the first lady of course!
gentlestitches son and Uhura, Nichelle Nichols.
First Lady of Sci Fi that is. Shane and Uhura (Nichelle Nichols) Supernova Melbourne 2015.
May you “Live long and prosper”. 



a visit to the magic aussie bush.

an Australian afternoon tea








I had a grand adventure on the weekend which involved a trip to Barker’s Creek, home of fellow blogger, Bev and her lovely husband Phil. Bev (aka fozziemum) blogs about life in rural Australia and the adventures of their many and varied critters. This visit, although very social (check out the sumptuous morning tea all hand-made by Bev) had a secret reason attached to it. Bev and Phil had something for me which of course involved yarn but wasn’t yarn. Although they gave me 3 bags of wool too.  Confused? What do you think it was? Well I will keep my special secret to myself for a bit longer and tell next time. Meanwhile enjoy the photographs of a truly remarkable place.

Kitty day spa, place specially for the kitties.                                                                        
This way to Kitty Day Spa where cats and wildlife can live in peace.gentlestitches photo of FOZZIE.M's four cats
Going clockwise we have Dinnermintz , Cleo, Pickles and Marbles.  You can find out more about them here.
a photo of FOZZIE.M's terrier dog Forrest.
Gorgeous Forrest giving Aunt Sharon a huge grin.
a photo of FOZZIE.M's terrier dog Doc.
Doc smiling and showing that although a small dog he has a HUGE personality!FOZZIE.M'S 3 sheep and some yarn bombing
Bev and her 3 sheepies, Jock, Felix and Oscar. The bottom picture shows some yarn bombing they did themselves! For information about them and their care click on Fleecy Friday!Bev and Phills Green's magic property including dam and view through fence
I couldn’t possibly do justice with a few words and pictures of this most extraordinarily beautiful place. The house was county style but with 2015 comforts and mod cons. The outside had blurred boundaries because of the trees and undulations. A fence around the actual house was separated from the big bush block by a fence that offered panoramic views via (I believe) perspex.  There are often Kangaroos about but they stayed hidden from me. I must have made them shy. The last photo is of the dam which looks like a peaceful place to sit especially at sunset. Thanks Bev and I will be showing something very special that came from here next time! What do you think it is?