Other types of books for yarn along.

Happy Wednesday! It’s time to share what we are reading and making  with Ginny from small things for Yarn Along.Mystery of David's Bridge.
I have been rereading David’s Bridge this week by Pamela June Kimmel.(I love this book)and I finished attaching the crochet collar to my cardigan.  I have a few books on my kindle now and find it a convenient way to transport books particularly when I am on public transport. Have you embraced virtual books or do you prefer hard copy?

Pigs & Parlour Games for Modern Families

This week for yarn along with Ginny from small things I introduce”Parlour Games for Modern Families.” This book was written by Myfanwy Jones and Spiri Tsintziras. Written locally, it is a must have for school holidays or a games evening. If you are looking for a fun way to entertain children that doesn’t involve a screen, this is the book!amigurumi pig with Myf Jones book Parlour Games for modern families.My own story about sheep and aussie animals would not be complete without a wee pig or two (or three or four).  This is Miss Petty Pig who proudly displays two of her litter, Fiddly and Wriggles. See you on the 15th June to share a story right here and around the blogosphere.

Introducing Dearie Ewe.

Dearie Ewe and Lamb
Joining Ginny for yarn along this week I would like to introduce to you a mature Ewe called Dearie. Dearie Ewe is a character from a story I wrote for my son and the lamb beside her is not her lamb but one she is watching for another sheep. I plan to tell the whole story on the 15th June and I would love for you to stop by and check it out. There will be other stories from other people on that day too and you might even like to share one yourself. More information about the storytelling day here. This week I am still reading the Manuel Rivas book and enjoying it.  Manuel Rivas writing style reminds me of John Steinbeck. I think it is how his characters are so much larger than life ,how they manage to shine through gloom and how they stay with you after the book is put away. Now it is back to my own story and I am looking forward to hearing the others.


Yarn Along Seed Case.

Yarn Along Seed Case and Books Burn Badly by Manuel Rivas
Joining Ginny this week for yarn along where we show what we are making and reading, I took a break from making sheep for “Read me a Story” which will be on the 15th June, and made a Seed Packet, Phone Case from Jennifer Olivarez book “The Big Acorn Race” available HERE!

Galician Literature Day was 17th May and as I was unfamiliar with Galician Literature, I decided to read “Books Burn Badly” by Manuel Rivas. This book has been translated into English by Jonathan Dunne.  It is a book that has an almost fairy tale style of writing in a really absorbing, hard to put down, way. I love what is becoming Jennifer’s signature spiral. Next yarn along I hope to have some signature sheep and of course, don’t forget the nativity cows.

Yarn along Gauntlets and Poetry.

Joining Ginny from Yarn Along this week, two lovely young women show my Gauntlets and a very wonderful book of poetry by Cynthia Jobin entitled “A Certain Age”. I love this book and I am enjoying it very much.crochet gauntlets, poems by Cynthia JobinI am happy with the way the Gauntlets turned out and think they look very “Gauntlety”The pattern will be available on my next post and will be FREE! I am also working on some amigurumi sheep that are going to be involved in our upcoming storytelling day on June 13. If you would like to participate in this story telling day, it would be great to have you. Find out more here.

Yarn along with Home Spun Wool and A.S.Byatt

I am virtually exhausted today after our what turned out to be HUGE virtual tribute and garden party to Forrest. Thanks to everyone who clicked and scrolled for Forrest and his family. It was a pleasure to host you! BUT OH! The virtual dishes and cleaning up afterward!Yarn along with ASByatt's Little Black Book Of Stories.

It is Wednesday so I am joining in Ginny’s Yarn Along but with a change of pace. After spinning some fleece a friend gave me (not Baa Baa Bev’s wool) as a surprise I thought I would make her this crocheted rib cowl. I am pleased with the pattern and I noticed there are not a lot of patterns available at the moment for home spun yarn projects so I might be able to fill a niche AND pay some bills at the same time.
Author A.S. Byatt never fails to satisfy. Her stories are the kind that stay and are connected with the old stories so they have a way of rippling and echoing. How wonderful is WordPress for retelling old stories and for sharing new ones too?  There is a surprise coming in a short time that challenges you (yes you) to think about bringing forward an old or new, story of your own. As was said on radio, in a land long ago……stay tuned. ❤

yarn along crochet collar.

Happy Wednesday! Joining Ginny for yarn a long this week I have a change of pace as I coax my lace pattern to become spiral rather than linear. It didn’t want to be spiral. Apparently it was quite happy being linear.  A friend gave me Leunig’s latest book a couple of weeks a go so today I put down the gauntlets and had a read instead.
crochet collar with Leunig's latest book
Interestingly after taking a break, the lace has decided it is quite happy to transcribe its pattern into rounds although unfortunately it ends with being a very complicated stitch. So I have decided to publish not one but two gauntlet patterns. One which will be for the beginner and in double crochet and the second one for the more advanced crocheter in lace.amigurumi foxes show lace pattern in the round.
If any one decides to tackle the more complicated stitch, I would be very happy to give any help as required. Just email me on my contact page. The pattern will be published here next week and on my ravelry shop.  Meanwhile I will attach the sample to a jacket and call it a collar!
P.S.   I’m reminding you until May 10th of the fabulous event in honor of Forrest from Down Under who left for the Bridge last week.   There’s a SPECIAL event taking place on that day – and you can read about it HERE!  

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