Story Time.

I have written and made up stories and read stories  since I can remember. I have never read one out loud before so when Bacon suggested we do just that. I thought “what a fun idea” and “why not?” Well,this marks my foray into video taking. It was so much fun and I have a lot to learn but thank you Bacon for giving me the gentle push to get it happening. Without further ado, I give you “Dearie Ewe of Tall Trees farm” I will also link the other stories as they come in. Make yourself a drink, take a break for approximately 3 minutes and get ready for a smile of a time. 😀

The Big Acorn Race has arrived!

Hodge and Podge in Times Square.
Hodge and Podge are very excited to announce their very own book with help from Jennifer Olivarez of Squirrel is available through amazon. Hooray!
The Big Acorn Race by Jennifer Olivarez.
Click on the book or the side bar to go to Amazon for a look. Enjoy!

Almost Book Launch

A most anticipated book is about to become available and I am very excited about it. Included in the book are wonderful, easy and quick to finish crochet patterns. In fact everything in the book was crocheted and I had the big pleasure of being a pattern tester for the book.  My son demonstrates the Clutch Bag which I road tested and he had a bit of fun being  punny , using it as another type of clutch. He was a big help and learnt a lot about publishing and editing.   This book is big fun from beginning to end and is called The Big Acorn Race by Jennifer Olivarez.

Pattern testing for The Big Acorn race.
The Clutch Bag.

 CONGRATULATIONS Jennifer, Hodge, Podge and Eric over at Squirrel Picnic and best wishes for lots of success with the book!  It isn’t available YET but fingers crossed it will be in the next day or two.



Not ONE but TWO big squirrel wins!

crocheted amigurumi winners

I won Evil Squirrel’s nest’s Third Annual Contest of Whatever which gives me the above badge AND merchandise! Nice. If you want to see the other truly wonderful entries click here. If you want to look at Evil Squirrel merchandise click this link and finally if you want to re visit my entry, here it is! again!

crochet Hottie and MBRS talk Books.But what is this about Rainbow Donkey crochet patterns going viral? and tell me more about these books I hear you say! Well here it is! FREE (hooray) Rainbow Donkey pattern by Jennifer Olivarez from Squirrel Picnic. But that’s not all!  The much anticipated  release of (drum roll please!)
The Big Acorn Race by Jennifer Olivarez.

The Big Acorn Race which will be available in mid March this year through Amazon. I will provide further details as they come through and include the links. And if  that wasn’t enough, let me tell you about
Book called Fun and Easy Amigurumi.

This fabulous book is full of wonderful patterns and is a collaboration of some truly delightful amigurumists including Karin from amilovesgurumi and Vanya from amigurumibb. You can get this book from Amazon

Whew! This post is jam packed with Squirrely goodness but my next post will feature the great Aussie Critter Burra Nimu The Easter Bilby!  Easter celebrations and holidays are sneaking up on us fast over here! A Bilbies work is never done!   ❤ ❤

Bashful’s Melbourne Adventures.

 I have a pet rock from Georgia, America visiting me. This little rock has had many adventures all over the world and you can read about them here. He belongs to a little piggie called Bacon.   Bashful riding at Federation square   
Here he is after a strenuous bicycle ride into town with a stop to see the Melbourne visitor Center next to Federation Square.
Bashful at Flinders St Station

No time to rest Bashful! We have a train to catch from Flinders Street Station!
Lilly-Pillis Sister by Anna Branford with pet rock Bashful





We are getting our copy of the best Australian Fairy Story (actual best fairy story ever) written “Lilly-Pilli’s Sister” written by Anna Bradford, signed by the author herself!
gentlestitches at arsc fund raiser





Time to set up the asrc stall which proved very successful. Can you spot our GOOD LUCK ROCK?  Read about our success here.jam bytes









Now it is time for some jam bytes, jam courtesy of Booze,Sugar and Spice.

A letter from Ziggy

Hooray! I got my letter from Ziggy Shortcrust which included my Letter Elf and my Amigurumi Elf. If you haven’t got a personalized Letter Elf it isn’t too late. Go over here to Ziggy Shortcrust and put your name down for one.

I liked my Elf which had a distinctive Japanese flavor which for a woman who likes to Amigurumi and a boy who likes Manga, Ziggy really hit the mark. I was inspired to write an illustrated letter back and that is my Koala Bear I drew for Ziggy.  I reckon I am a better sewist than drawist but as I keep telling the young people” You don’t have to be the best at something to enjoy it. ” I also wrote a letter to my wonderful Uncle Geoff and Aunt Joy who are recovering from the dreadful floods in Queensland.  They did not get wet feet because they were smart and got a house built up on stilts.

I think the key to successful letter writing is similar to successful mending.  In our busy, mad world the only way to get these things done is to have the ingredients all together in one place.  Happy letter writing everyone.


“for there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so. ” Shakespeare

blurrMy 12 year old son surprised me yesterday by asking “Mum, do you ever make mistakes?”  “indeed I do” I replied “with alarming regularity, at least twice a day” He smiled. “Perhaps” I suggested, the mistake isn’t as important as what you do about the mistake after you make it?”

I was inspired by this book Violet Mackerel’s Brilliant plot by Anna Branford. Violet’s Mother, who is so good at knitting  she has a market stall selling her lovely wares says “knitting is a difficult thing to learn, that box is full of my mistakes” Violet takes one of her Mum’s mistakes and turns it into something wonderful. I wont spoil the surprise  so read the book to find out what she makes.  Back to my mistakes. Well I don’t have a mistake box. Instead, I turn my mistakes into dog toys for the dogs that live here. They play with them, fetch them, tug of war them and eventually need another one. Here are some pictures of the dogs playing with a disaster that was supposed to be a crochet flower. I try to turn the mistake into a ball or if it is larger I get more ambitious and make a Burglar or Postman. (sorry Aussie post I really do love you)almost got it

You can do it Tricky (and then it’s mine)













lask bark


Jack has the last bark!