anipal mini me

anipal mini me’s are pets that have been immortalized in yarn and they are knitted or crocheted in the amigurumi tradition, standing between 2 and 4 inches or 5 to 10 cm high.
I love-making them and take very careful attention to detail and I endeavor to capture the anipal mini me’s personality as well as looks.
I am not taking orders at this time but please enjoy the anipal mini me gallery.

Stuart and Stuart's mini anipal.
much loved Stuart and mini-Stu
photograph of Tatty the dog and her amigurumi anipal by
Tatty and mini-Tat
Jack Russel Terrier and his amigurumi mini me.
Jack and mini me jack.
Mr Bowie sniffs his gentlestitches anipal minime
Mr Bowie gives his mini-B a sniff of approval!
Ko and HMC's anipal
Ko checks out Dear Howling Mad when he was a Kitten
amigurumi pig and real pig
Bacon and friends from piglove.
Simba front and back
Simba on his rainbow bridge mat


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