Amigurumi Lambs at last.

crochet amigurumi lambs by gentlestitches
I am feeling very grateful today. After a barrage of unpleasant tests, I have been found to have had no more than pulled muscles in my upper body. The treatment is rest and to lay off the heavy lifting or intense exercise and it will resolve itself. I plan to stick to walking and bike riding for exercise and leave the other type for the more athletic. The relief that it was nothing sinister makes me want to do cartwheels. Except, of course, cartwheels are definitely out. My son has just mastered the “aerial cartwheel” which is a cartwheel without using hands. I am proud of him.
This post is not just about cartwheels. Following on from my Dearie Ewe, Lamb story I am happy to offer this FREE amigurumi lamb pattern. It is a great pattern because the math translates into ANY size yarn so you can make a teeny, tiny or super, huge lamb for yourself, young people in your life or as a critter toy.
Use a size smaller hook than normally recommended for your yarn and the pattern will translate perfectly. I can say that with confidence because I tried out many types of yarn with excellent results.
Many of the amigurumi I make are gifts and I am very particular about the eyes and noses I use. If using safety eyes and noses, I only use Suncatcher Craft eyes. This isn’t just because all the eyes are fabulous and cost effective it is also about safety. Suncatcher Craft eyes are made locally ( by Michelle) and are non-toxic and CPSIA compliant.
I am grateful to report I am still here, still writing and still making things.
Tell me, what are you grateful for today? 


Author: gentlestitches

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36 thoughts on “Amigurumi Lambs at last.”

  1. Sharon, I’m very glad to hear that your test results show nothing very serious. And I think your lamb amigurumi pattern is beyond creative! I love that one can use or make it in any color scheme or size; that is the beauty of patterns, and you are quite generous w/ sharing these! I hope you’re able to stop back in this upcoming Spring and show us more of what you are creating. Hope your winter was well and productive. 🙂

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  2. Thank you, I will stick to crochet and leave the gymnastics to my son. Congratulations to your daughter who will be able to help people like me with sports injuries. I have had to consult both physiotherapist, and osteopath and I think they are magic workers.


  3. So glad to hear your results were treatable with rest, even though sore muscles and testing is never fun! Your sons aerial cartwheels do sound impressive but glad you aren’t trying them anytime soon! What we are grateful for is always a great question. I’m grateful for my amazingly thoughtful husband, good health and the gift of love, to name a few. 🙂

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  4. Oh no sweet Auntie Sharon. I definitely missed something here. You not feeling good – tsk tsk tsk – we absolutely WILL NOT have that my friend. You need lots and lots of piggy rest… that means me right beside you petting me and relaxing okay. You gotta get better cause if not I might have to use dad’s credit card and jump a plane. Surely the stewardess’ will help me with my layovers to get to you, right? XOXO – Bacon

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  5. Sharon, I’m so glad it wasn’t anything more serious. I hope you heal quickly! Your lambs are so cute. I’ll be sharing your pattern on my blog and Facebook page. Thank you for sharing the pattern.

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  6. I do believe you are right. A bit of a wake up call here for me. I remarked to my Uncle last week “sometimes I forget I am no longer 20” He has just turned 90 and replied, “so do I” . LOL! Thank you for the kind and apt advice. ❤

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  7. I am soooo pleased AND vow never to never to even think of cartwheels of any description. I will stick to crochet and leave the acrobatics to the acrobats. 😀

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  8. Great news Sharon – I am happy for you! I like what Cynthia said – about being gentle with yourself and your stitches 🙂 The little lambs are wonderful! So friendly looking and happy, just as lambs should be. And this just might be a good pattern to use up all the scraps and such that are filling one of my yarn baskets 🙂 After I’ve made the gauntlets, which I decided to put off making til closer to Spring. [Which, I am extremely grateful for, is just around the corner now.]

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  9. I am grateful to be health and enjoying summer holidays with my husband an my children.

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  10. I’ve been sitting here, sipping my morning potion, staring at your assembly of little lambs photo and thinking about the world….the different colors of its creatures…black, white, brown, gold, red, and rainbow. Lovely. Please be gentle with yourself, as well as with your stitches.

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  11. I am grateful that I never attempted to do an “aerial cartwheel” after first seeing that guy in the video for “Total Eclipse of the Heart” do one when I was a kid. I’d have probably wound up in a body cast…

    There must be an interesting story behind that rainbow lamb!

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  12. Yay for pulled muscles! Not because they have caused you pain and anxiety, but because they are relatively easily managed and will restore themselves to good health – and because they have reminded you about all the good things in your life. Am delighted for you 🙂

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  13. So happy to hear that you are on the mend and that it wasn’t too serious. Rest up and take it easy. Sending out lots of hugs for you! Your lambs are adorable. I am in love with them all. The Suncatcher Eyes really add to their personality, I think. And it’s always nice when you can use materials that are free of toxins. Great work, Sharon. You have reason to be doing hypothetical cartwheels!

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  14. First of all so happy that you only have some sore muscles to deal with and nothing more “drastic”!! I didn’t realize you had hurt yourself but HEAL QUICKLY with lots of rest……….secondly your little critters are beyond adorable. But then I love everything you make so no surprises there (!!). Thirdly – bravo to your son for learning aerial cartwheels – I can only do those in my dreams… my age I’d probably break all my bones if I did a “REGULAR” cartwheel!! Sending a healing hug.

    Love, Pam and Sammy

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