Other types of books for yarn along.

Happy Wednesday! It’s time to share what we are reading and making  with Ginny from small things for Yarn Along.Mystery of David's Bridge.
I have been rereading David’s Bridge this week by Pamela June Kimmel.(I love this book)and I finished attaching the crochet collar to my cardigan.  I have a few books on my kindle now and find it a convenient way to transport books particularly when I am on public transport. Have you embraced virtual books or do you prefer hard copy?

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35 thoughts on “Other types of books for yarn along.”

  1. A couple of weeks ago, I told a friend that I was reading a “page turner” and I meant it, literally! To answer your question about my preference to virtual books or hard copy, I lean toward hard copy. I am in that “blended” way of reading.
    Best wishes for a wonderful week!

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  2. I also like real books. I find that I tend to lose concentration when reading virtual material. I guess that is why they tell you to write in short sentences when writing for the web.

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  3. I prefer ‘real’books…feel the pages…in this point I am very ‘old-fashioned’…tecnology for reading is not my stile!!

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  4. As much as I love “real” books, I did embrace the virtual ones. They are just so convenient! You can take a whole library on a trip without any extra space taken!

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  5. I believe you have mentioned one of the most positive places on our planet. The library. I also remembered lining up in South Australia when I was younger to enter the “Bookmobile”. A big van full of wonderful books AND comics. I like to have something to read too. 😀


  6. Real hard back books borrowed from the library, except when going away from home, not in a car, and then the kindle has it. Just so long as I have something to read I am happy.

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  7. I am glad you like your yarnit. I am still waiting for mine. I love real books too. Captain Picard on Star Trek prefers real books . 😄


  8. Thanks for that. I have downloaded audiobooks from the library but I hadn’t considered what the library calls enooks. I am going to try it. A friend bought those cakes over for afternoon tea. They looked so pretty I had to add them. 😃


  9. I am still attached to real books Sharon, but an e-reader has entered my field of vision…….. Who knows, one day I might actually go there 🙂 My yarn-it arrived and it is a little wonder – I’m so glad you drew my attention that way!

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  10. Oh that makes me so happy that you are “re-enjoying” the book! I read it once a year…..trying to be inspired to write a sequel but I know I never will. Reading is a magical mystery tour of fun……I will NEVER tire of reading. Virtual books are wonderful and so easy to read but there’s still something amazing to me about walking into a library full of volumes – and opening up a book with the pages falling open to favorite spots from hundreds of people reading it. Anyway, happy to hear you’re reading “Bridge” again! Hope you are STILL enjoying it…………..

    Love, Pam

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  11. I love that I can borrow a book from the library right from my iPad! I get all my fiction in virtual books but I prefer nonfiction in paper, maybe because I haven’t gotten the hang of using bookmarks in virtual books. I highlight and bookmark but I never can find the passages I’m looking for once I’ve left the page. Those cupcakes and pastries look heavenly!

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  12. I am ALL about virtual books. It’s the only way I read these days. I do like regular books when I’m at the beach because it’s tough to see my iPad with the bright sun.

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