Story Time.

I have written and made up stories and read stories  since I can remember. I have never read one out loud before so when Bacon suggested we do just that. I thought “what a fun idea” and “why not?” Well,this marks my foray into video taking. It was so much fun and I have a lot to learn but thank you Bacon for giving me the gentle push to get it happening. Without further ado, I give you “Dearie Ewe of Tall Trees farm” I will also link the other stories as they come in. Make yourself a drink, take a break for approximately 3 minutes and get ready for a smile of a time. 😀

Author: gentlestitches

the future is in our hands.

35 thoughts on “Story Time.”

  1. I listened to your story sometime recently, but I was called away and didn’t get to comment. Here I am now:) You have a beautiful voice! Lovely story and neat characters. I hope to listen to more of your readings. Have a pleasant week, Sharon.

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  2. Yay! Standing ovation from all of us here at the picnic. That was wonderful! I love all the trees and foliage and all the characters. What a fun story and a great enactment. You are a natural. I loved hearing you read.

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  3. Well finally i had my cuppa and time to enjoy your story..Bravo..Doc was listening intently with we know all about the great stories of sheep! And i bet that little peeps would totally love this story! Bravo and Apaws Sharon 🙂 Loves Bev xxx


  4. Hee and aww, that was so sweet! And all your little characters in their natural habitat up in trees and in the paddocks :-). I’m still smiling.


  5. Thank you, because I’m just dying to watch it! Give me a heads up when it’s ready! (BTW, tried to play it again just in case and… nope, it still doesn’t like me!)

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  6. No I don’t but I am going to try putting it in another (not as rushed) format which will be more user-friendly so if you have time, check back in a day or two for the improved version. 😀


  7. Argh! I can’t get the video to play! It just gives me a perpetual loading icon and does nothing, even when I try to advance the timeline! I’ve even tried refreshing the page a few times. Does it have a YouTube address where I can try to watch it there?

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  8. Thank you Sam and Pam you joined in by listening to our stories. Speaking of stories, my yarn along group allows files as well as hardcopy now so prepare for a surprise! 😀


  9. Well now! I see and hear a new career calling Sharon – that was so good!! SO GOOD!! If this is your first time I am really impressed. I was captivated start to finish – I would listen to you tell a story any time and watch your delightful creatures act it out [and I don’t think I’m quite in my dotage yet!] I can only imagine how the little ones will love this!! Can’t wait to see how you will ‘improve’ on this 🙂 Standing applause from this little corner of your fandom! xoxo

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  10. What a fabulous story AND “play”……the characters are all adorable and are such excellent actors………it was also fun hearing your voice with such enthusiasm and fun – you brought the story to life Sharon…….BRAVO and congratulations on a totally FUN story telling session. We had no way to join in and do one ourselves but this was a brilliant idea.

    Love, Sammy and Mom Pam

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