three items,itemized.

amigurumi golden lamb

Item one. My “Golden Lambkin” another amigurumi lamb which will be part of my story on the 15th June poses beside a ball of yarn destined to become “Lawrence the Ramcrochet rope stitch with eyelash yarn” (who will also be in the story) and the lamb pattern will follow.

Item two. A close up of a new stitch I learned from Karin from amilovesgurumiΒ who used this stitch to make these dog beds for the amigurumi dogs. Click on the link to be transported to “The crazy universe behind the horizon”

Item 3. My dogs Jack and Tricky went to a party and went totally wild! Read about it here.Β Thanks Easy and Easy’s staff and thanks too for fozziemumΒ and Dad for manning the bar and serving up “the rough end of the pineapple!” How come my critters get to go to more exciting parties than I do?Easy's party partall.
If there is weekend left where ever you are enjoy! and if not there is another coming soon.




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24 thoughts on “three items,itemized.”

  1. He is inspired by my friends little boy who is a big man now. When he was small I called him my golden lamb. He has blue eyes and red hair and is an A list football player. ❀

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  2. Love your new Ram, thought he looked like a Lion more?? nice party, I’m throwing one on here for my Buggz (bugs) he will be 14 this June 16th! Hope you show up!! Cheers! T πŸ™‚

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  3. Love Mr. Golden Lambkin, and it was nice to see the Dog Bed on your wonderful blog. But what the heck is item 3? I went over there and ran into a Chaos-Pawty …


  4. We have a saying here that if March comes in like a lion, it will go out like a lamb (Or vice versa). I think the Golden Lambkin could play either part! I can not wait for this story!

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  5. Between your cooking and Fozziedad’s barkeeping, I bet you have had a few decent parties of your own! Loved seeing my guys in the lineup and all the other critters. πŸ˜€

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  6. Aww gorgeous little critters Sharon..and yes the furries all had a blast at Easy’s Chaos pawty..those Rough End of the Pineapples are Fozziedad’s xmas speciality..woo hoo πŸ™‚ Loves Bev xx

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  7. We saw your boys at the pawty – they were very well behaved which is saying something considering it was Easy’s party! What a time we all had………I still haven’t recovered. Meanwhile, my Mom says she LOVES the golden lamb… do I……what a glorious color his “wool” is! Also the little pup beds – HOW CUTE they are……………….Happy Sunday!

    Love, Sammy


  8. we had Ludwig the ram once… who gave my mom free flying lessons :o) Thanks for coming to my pawty, I hope the jail bus had no problems at the border to oz :o)


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