Yarn along Gauntlets and Poetry.

Joining Ginny from Yarn Along this week, two lovely young women show my Gauntlets and a very wonderful book of poetry by Cynthia Jobin entitled “A Certain Age”. I love this book and I am enjoying it very much.crochet gauntlets, poems by Cynthia JobinI am happy with the way the Gauntlets turned out and think they look very “Gauntlety”The pattern will be available on my next post and will be FREE! I am also working on some amigurumi sheep that are going to be involved in our upcoming storytelling day on June 13. If you would like to participate in this story telling day, it would be great to have you. Find out more here.

Author: gentlestitches

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18 thoughts on “Yarn along Gauntlets and Poetry.”

  1. How funny are my pretty, lacy gauntlets when you consider they are derived from medieval battle cuffs made from metal ?
    I also L ❤ VE learning new words. Also the original gauntlets were hand made and so are these.! 😀

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  2. Now, I have to find some poems by this author to enjoy. I’m not embarrassed to say that it’s only now I know what is a guantlet. Thank you for the education:) They are lovely!


  3. Thank you for your comment Juliana. I like them best with out a thumb hole too and with a lose top they can be pulled up. I like to keep the hot Australian sun off too so the cotton lacy ones are ideal when it is hot. 🙂


  4. You know I’m hanging out for that gauntlet recipe right? They look delicious!! 🙂 And sheep hey? They will go down well over here! 🙂 I too love Cynthia’s book. It sits beside my bed and I’ve been opening it at random and reading a poem most nights. I think it’s time to start from the beginning again and maybe even choose a favourite to learn …………… Good for the brain cells as well as living into the poem!


  5. Gosh the gauntlets are beautiful………I just love them. Just the right additional warmth to wrists and lower arms when the weather is damp and cool. BRAVO – they turned out really grand!

    Hugs, Pam (and Sam)


  6. What a surprise and what fun, to visit your site this morning and see my own book looking back at me! Thank you, again, for the boost and support! The gauntlets are lovely. I have recently taken up my hooks and needles again after a long respite….learning tunisian crochet just now. (Gotta keep the little old grey cells active!). Looking forward to the gauntlet recipe….:-)

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  7. I love your Auntie. The color of this yarn I call “aussie lollies”. It is named for my favourite lollies MUSK STICKS and MINT LEAVES. Pink and green. Hooray for Aunties and weird colors. 😀


  8. I’ve got gauntlets from my aunty… I loved them so much in winter… although the color is a little weird (her sight is nearly gone) but I love them anyway…


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