Yarn along Happy Mail shower.

Just as I was preparing to parcel up a gift for yarn along  for Ginny  from small things for the shower her friend Tracey is hosting, I got some happy mail myselfYarn along French Knitting Book squares and Elly.
It was from my official dog toy pattern tester EASY!! Grand champion of the toy destuffer. My dogs loved the Elephant and I loved the very sophisticated knitting book in French! I have been enjoying looking at both the items and the way the patterns are laid out. Thanks to chezplum.com I can use the French to English knitting dictionary!  Wow! I had no idea such a tool existed and it is quite wonderful. Now as to Ginny’s gift I have made her new little one a rainbow building block, her other little bundles of joy a love heart each and for her and her husband, an Amazon gift card.
I hope they like their postal surprise as much as we love ours.
Jack and Tricky playing with Elly from Easy.

Stay still doggies! Photographing waggy  dogs is very difficult. 

Thank you Easy and feel good and keep looking after your staff who have been quite unwell but are recovering slowly.   ❤ ❤ ❤


Author: gentlestitches

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18 thoughts on “Yarn along Happy Mail shower.”

  1. Thank you. How wonderful is a french to English Knitting dictionary? I have always loved dictionaries especially the themed specific kind.

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  2. I learned another new thing today…a knitting dictionary! Good for you. I bet you’re going to learn some French. Nice pic of the doggies:-)
    Have a pleasant evening!


  3. Ha, Sharon you are going to be so busy – and maybe a little fluent in French as well by the end of this!! 🙂 Happy doggies and new toys are impossible to photograph 🙂 What a great post!!

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  4. I was a French teacher in an earlier life and would have loved a knitting dictionary like that for my adult female students! Knitting vocabulary would certainly beat the usual boring selection of words in the textbooks!

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  5. Thank you SOOO much. It was a big thrill for us all. I couldn’t believe the dictionary and all free! Blogging has made me see how many generous and sharing people there are. I will keep the card and have it early for next time! ❤


  6. a knitting dictionary? how great is that? what a wonderful invention, yay for the clever knitterer who came up with such a useful thing! I’m glad it came before christmas, then the easter greeting would be a little wrong lol…

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