Not ONE but TWO big squirrel wins!

crocheted amigurumi winners

I won Evil Squirrel’s nest’s Third Annual Contest of Whatever which gives me the above badge AND merchandise! Nice. If you want to see the other truly wonderful entries click here. If you want to look at Evil Squirrel merchandise click this link and finally if you want to re visit my entry, here it is! again!

crochet Hottie and MBRS talk Books.But what is this about Rainbow Donkey crochet patterns going viral? and tell me more about these books I hear you say! Well here it is! FREE (hooray) Rainbow Donkey pattern by Jennifer Olivarez from Squirrel Picnic. But that’s not all!  The much anticipated  release of (drum roll please!)
The Big Acorn Race by Jennifer Olivarez.

The Big Acorn Race which will be available in mid March this year through Amazon. I will provide further details as they come through and include the links. And if  that wasn’t enough, let me tell you about
Book called Fun and Easy Amigurumi.

This fabulous book is full of wonderful patterns and is a collaboration of some truly delightful amigurumists including Karin from amilovesgurumi and Vanya from amigurumibb. You can get this book from Amazon

Whew! This post is jam packed with Squirrely goodness but my next post will feature the great Aussie Critter Burra Nimu The Easter Bilby!  Easter celebrations and holidays are sneaking up on us fast over here! A Bilbies work is never done!   ❤ ❤

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25 thoughts on “Not ONE but TWO big squirrel wins!”

  1. I am looking forward to it. I plan to pop a sign on my side bar that links to the book. I am also going to mention it here now and then with “bragging rights” as cheer squad and pattern tester extraordinaire. Shane has had such fun with it all too and learnt a lot. Fingers crossed and the critters have “paws crossed”! 😀

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  2. Thank you. I was sooo happy with the way they turned out. I used coated wire in the limbs which detracts from the cuddliness but gives them nice form. Loving your light catcher on these bright sunny days. 😀

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  3. Congratulations on your win! And thank you so much for the shout out on my book. I just ordered the press proof from CreateSpace. Keep your fingers crossed. I’m really hoping that I will be able to release it this week!

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