I entered a contest and didn’t win, however…

contest-badge for losers of Evil Squirrel's Nest contest




I did win this badge however.
my friends niece playing "all tucked in" with mousie.


Something I did win though was a smile from a little girl who is a niece of a friend of mine. I made her a little mousie and here they are playing “all tucked in”

I also had the extreme pleasure of meeting up with a fellow blogger Jennifer from Winter Owls for tea and swapped her a “welcoming Owl” (more about these next time) for a Winter Owls Elephant Pin

a felted elephant broach, made by Winter Owls.welcoming knitted owl


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36 thoughts on “I entered a contest and didn’t win, however…”

  1. Thank you Jennifer, for your wonderful pattern and best of all those lovely eyes you gave me. I didn’t get time to finish him for Christmas so I asked Shane if he could wait until his birthday. He agreed so he will get him in June. I will post Rainbow Donkey “properly” then.
    I am glad I made you smile. 🙂


  2. I thought you should have won, too! I’m not prejudiced, you know . . . and that brooch from Winter Owls is awesome! I bet it suits you to a T. ~ Linne


  3. Yes Auntie Sharon. I’m trying. Today it was in the 70’s. Can you believe that? Next week, more rains and back in the 30’s. Shakes piggy head. Is it spring yet? XOXO – Bacon


  4. Awww 😦 my sincere apologies. You know you have a share in my win 🙂 Your unfailing encouragement and cheers have an awesome impact on my grey cells 🙂 You are my nourishment 😉 I love your mousies and the welcome owl. Very curious how that elephant pin is made.. knitted ? Looking forward to hearing more about the swap and owls.


  5. dear playful Ruby! I was given a small basket of Owl eyes today just right for welcoming owls with flowers around them and a button inside. I know you like buttons so I shall put a set aside for you! 🙂


  6. I love my welcoming owl, it fits perfectly in the palm of my hand! I have to keep it out of reach from naughty Ruby, she would love to play with it. Your mousie is so sweet, perfect for little hands 🙂


  7. Thanks, and for once no pressure because it was for fun. and prizes of course. Everyone enjoys prizes but I mean my career wasn’t on the line.


  8. I love your painting and wish I could paint. I love the way your girls and women look feminine but strong and a bit Gypsy or whimsical in a centered sort of way.


  9. I have to agree with an earlier commenter that your’s was definitely the one I would have chosen as the winner – but I am probably biased 🙂 I’m loving the owl – and that donkey/unicorn is a creature of sublime beauty! The elephant pin is also very cute – may have to check out that blog……. I am so impressed by all you clever people who make 3D artfulness! I might have to give up on painting and start stitching instead ………


  10. Those were definitely great entries, but I still like your’s best! Neat badge, though. Looking forward to reading about owls & elephants!


  11. Love little mousie! Getting both the owl, which I love, and the elephant pin, which daughter Em loves – what a lucky gal. And I’m sure they got something equally wonderful in return.


  12. It’s a great badge… and I would like to find a squirrels nest once :o) I love the mouse it would be a great addition to our mouse family, called the “Mafiouses”. The owl is great, owls are great deco-objects :o)


  13. Thank you! It is great weather for knitting at the moment. I suggest a square to get you started again and then….. the sky’s the limit! 🙂


  14. For what it’s worth, yours was one of my favorite entries 🙂

    I really need to pick back up on learning to knit LOL


  15. Sorry to hear you didn’t win Sharon! The badge is pretty neat!
    Looking forward to your next post to hear more about swap 😀


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