free patterns for small Christmas gifts.

christmas basket with small knitted gifts and patternsDecember is right around the corner and so I have organised a basket of small gifts that can be made up quickly and  given away or kept and used as Christmas decorations. The Koala pattern is here.  The Christmas hat is from a wonderful pattern by Anna Branford and is simple enough for a beginner to knitting and a quick and easy idea for the more advanced. If you need any help modifying this pattern to suit your project, please email me at my about page. I love to talk knitting and crochet.

 Anna Branford has a craft book out now especially for beginners and those who like to make small things. Her book which features Violet Mackerel from the Violet mackerel series is so lovely, I urge everyone to check it out. It is called “how to make small things with Violet Mackerel”. This book would make the best gift for the little girl in your life and I will talk more about it later. I will finish with the pattern for the tiny hearts.

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38 thoughts on “free patterns for small Christmas gifts.”

  1. Thanks for your kind Thanksgiving wishes over at my place. I’m gonna have to make the peep pick up Her knitting needles again. They’re probably rusted.

    arOOO, Stuart


  2. Hello! I came here via Linne and am so enchanted with your little critters I’ve hit ‘follow’ – I may have to take up a new art form 🙂 Thank you so much for your generouos gift, I hope to make some tiny hearts …..


  3. Reblogged this on A Random Harvest and commented:
    If you like making cute, small things for Christmas, as gifts or to add to something larger, look no longer . . . The heart ornaments are adorable! ~ Linne


  4. These are great! I’m re-blogging, in case any of my readers haven’t found your blog yet. Thanks for the freebies!! ~ Linne


  5. Awww everyone of them so cute and awesome..I am going to try the koala and the heart surely. Thank you for sharing the patterns. I am sure your fingers have been busy crocheting these cuties away for Christmas.


  6. Yes the little hats add a lot big amount of Christmasness. Coming up soon,,,,,tiny crochet Christmas donkeys. 🙂 I would be honoured to think of the CWA ladies using my patterns. 🙂


  7. oh! your ‘Chistmas’ koala is so cute, love him and the ‘peace’ and ‘joy’ too! 🙂 all those in your basket would make a great Christmas gift! (too much cuteness)


  8. Thank you Sharon for basket full of presents! 🙂 I love small things and this post is great reminder to your beautiful patterns. WIll also check out the Violets Mackerel’s book on small things as well!


  9. How cute are these….something I could look at getting my CWA ladies doing….think they are sick of rabbits hahahahah have a great day my friend 🙂 Fozziemum x


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