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It’s the “Lovey-Dovey” edition hosted by Cobwebs, Cupcakes and Crayons! To celebrate I have been knitting these little hearts.

knitting hearts

The pattern for them will be posted on Valentines Day if you would like to knit one.

I knitted these for my dear Mother who has been very ill and although recovering, she faces a lengthy convalescence . To aid her recovery I put together this little bag of love.

bag of hearts

The suggestion is if she feels down or a bit sad she can put her hand into the bag of love and pull out a hand knitted heart filled with my love. The bag was hand felted by Anna Branford and I purchased it at this fete. The cards were also made by her and bought from the same place. The hearts were of course knitted by me and I love to give them to people  when I feel words don’t do it. They are very versatile and work their magic in every situation imaginable. No one can have too much love. So knit your self some little hearts and share the love.  Don’t forget to keep at least one for your self. XOXOX.

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43 thoughts on “Knitting Hearts”

  1. Two things.

    1) My prayers and thoughts are with your Mum and I hope she is able to feel and get better as soon as possible ((hugs))

    2) I love those hearts! Any chance it’s something I can learn to make too?? Even with my limited skills? Which reminds me, I never remembered to put up my latest knitting pictures. lol I will try to do that as soon as I can. can’t wait for you to see them. 🙂 I just kept making long chains though lol and at one point my dang chain started twisting. haha It looked cool, but it wasn’t anything I meant to do. lol


  2. The hearts are so adorable, thanks for sharing. I will pray that your mother feels better soon.


  3. Q – Quite lovely! I know your mom will feel better every time she looks at them and thinks of you! BTW – love the bird stamp!


  4. Ooooo! A walk-in wardrobe? How magical! And that makes me so happy to know you read my Namesake post. Thank you, Sharon! Do you have a post with pics of your wool room?


  5. Glad to have you aboard! It is fun and I think my wool room might be a bit like your old thinking closet. It was once a small walk in wardrobe.


  6. I so admire your knitting talents! What a ‘hearty’ idea (excuse the pun). ~Thea


  7. What a beautiful gift to show your mum how much you love her………..
    I’m sure she’s very lucky to have a daughter like you. 🙂


  8. You’re right that sometimes words don’t suffice! I love the reminder to experience things through touch…it does speak volumes!

    Glad to be a part of Collectively Creative for the first time this month. What a fun event!


  9. I received one of your lovely hearts and it makes me smile whenever i see it. 🙂


  10. Yes. They are very easy. The “trick”is the double pointed needles. I know some people run shrieking from DPNs but they really do make it so much easier and you only have a few stitches to work with. Also scarves are fab and can lift any outfit sometimes more than a whole sweater! 🙂


  11. These hearts are just beautiful Sharon. I hope they do the trick with your mum and give her the feeling of being completely surrounded by love. They look so sweet with their pouch and card too – thanks so much for the link. Now I’m off to look at the rest of your gorgeous list of links!


  12. I love these! They can be used for so many different projects – magnets, sewn on shirts, attached to a bag, etc!


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